Poodle Jump

Poodle Jump

If you are a fan of jumping games and doodle graphics, then Poodle Jump is the right game for you. Jumping with this cool doodle poodle will make you happy. Plus, you’ll get to practice hand-eye coordination.

The question is – How high can you jump?? If the answer is mega high, you are on the right place. This is one of the classic platform games that provides hours of fun for kids and adults.

This is why you’ll love Poodle Jump – Fun Jumping Games

– Doodle graphics on a crumpled piece of paper
– Extra-easy controls – Poodle hops automatically, so by tilting your phone, you control the poodle, just make sure to avoid the monsters and not fall down
– Super-cool power-ups and mega boosts – Springs, trampolines, magical potions, kites – you name it!
– Compete with your friends and jump to the top of the leaderboard

It’s a simple game, but yet very addicting. It is one of those fun games for kids and adults that is ideal when you find yourself waiting for the bus, on the subway, or when you are bored, this is a great time-killer.

Enjoy endless jumping fun and get ready to soar up with Poodle Jump! Poodle cannot wait any more – Download now for free and start the jumping adventure! Happy jumping ya’ll!


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